‘I am Mrs.Rasida Begum. My husband’s name is Sk. Abudul Hamir from village- Darua, Contai, East Midnapore, West Bengal. My husband works at cultivation field of rich farmers as laborer. Every day its difficult to find a job and due to very less income, we suffered a lot financially. We have a son who is 7 years old and is studying in class IV standard and a four months old daughter. When I was small girl, my parents didn’t afford money for my study and for that reason, I did not get opportunity to attend school. My parents didn’t give much attention for girl education as rule was prevailing in the village community. In my early age, I got married and went to my husband’s village. When I gave birth to my first child, I saw that parents from village are sending their girls child to nearby school.

After giving birth to my first child, I understood that parents are sending children to nearby school for education. When my child grown up and came to school going age, I sent him to school. But, I couldn’t help him in teaching for I was illiterate. It made me disappointment. I heard from one of my relative that AIMJ is running an adult literacy centre in my village. She encouraged me to join in the center. I went to the concern teacher and requested to help me. She guided me in a proper way and I joined in the adult literacy centre where I found friends of my same category. I began to attend class and learnt Bengali alphabet, words and reading. It took me few months to learn and write well. I am satisfied and can read school book my son and teach him. Now I understand importance of education in the life of children. I am so thankful to AIMJ for giving me opportunity to learn and for future of my children and my personal development.