Name : Mrs. Eliza Begum
W/o- Rehman Ali
Address : North Safakamar, Barpeta

‘Myself Eliza Begum living in North Safakamar, there are eight members in our family. My husband is a farmer and sometimes I am my children also help him in his works. Sometimes my husband work as a daily wage worker.

We all were very happy in our home but one day flood water washed away everything. We became homeless and nothing left to eat. I and my whole were provided shelter in Gobadhana School but we have nothing to eat that time. It was raining outside and rain water coved all the land. We could able to come from school room. After a day some of our villagers and Mr. Karim Ali animator of All India Masihi Jamat provided relief packages and others to survive some days. When the rain water reduced, we planned to rebuild our house but at that we had nothing that I can rebuild my house again. I talked with my entire SHGs member about my misery and they advised me to take a loan from the Group and pay the loan amount every week so I took a small loan from my SHG group and rebuild my house again. I am repaying loan amount regularly. I am very much thankful all my SHGs members and All India Masihi Jamat.