1. Name : Ms Aparna Mishra
Age: 22
Address: Ghatua, Purba
Dist- Midnapore, W. B.

She is from a very poor family in her village. She first came to know about our tailoring center through Ms. Kamala who is one of our tailoring teachers. When she came to know about the opportunity to learn in All India Masihi Jamat Tailoring center, she hesitating but later joined in that right after getting a call from the teacher. She attended in the center in time and started learning cutting and stitching the cloth. It was her eagerness that she catched it very quickly. It’s a matter of joy that she completed the course with in six months that was out of her imagination. Now she is certified with her capability. She was given by the organization a tailoring machine through which she earns money and maintains her family. And that was the turning point in her life for which she and her family members are so happy.

2. Name: Nilima Das
Age: 30 years
W/o- Riaz Khan
Vill: Dakshin Kalamdan, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal

Nilima’s husband is a laborer often doesn’t get any work for days in a month but there are expenses that need to be taken care of. She has two school going children, a son aged 11 and a daughter aged 9. They read in class VII and IV. She realized the difficulty for her husband to find out a work daily and the ever rising expenses of the house, made her to search for some alternatives where she could help the family. She joined with one of our VSLAs and began savings after six months she took loan from AIMJ and began her own tailoring business at her home. She has to do household chores and take out time to do her tailoring work. Nilima gets Rs.100 per blouse and in a day she manages to stitch 15 blouses a day and earns good amount of money. It is hard work but she is happy that she can help her family through the earnings. She is thankful to AIMJ for giving her an opportunity in life through it tailoring course.