Ms. Sitara Yashmin
D/o- Mohammad Samirul&Saima Begum
Kalindi, East Midnapure, West.Bengal

‘I am from a very poor Muslim family. I have a small brother. I am studying in class X.  Before I joined at Child Development Center, my parents were supported by grand-father and paternal uncle as their income was enough to support the family. That caused a lot of problems and almost divided my family. So, my father was desperate and left my House and went somewhere in search of a job and worked as a daily laborer. It was too difficult for my mother to maintain the family. She started working in houses and earned little money. But it was insufficient to meet daily expenses of family. I was forced to discontinue my study and to work at house. But I had a great desire to go school for my future.

That really distraught me and I didn’t understand what to do. In that terrible situation, an opportunity came in the form of AIMJ Child Development Center, which was inaugurated in my community in the year 2005. I was selected and admitted in the project and was able to continue my study. Initially, my parents, relatives warned me not to join. But I took strong decision to join and since the inception of the program till date, I am attending in all activities regularly. This child development program has helped me a lot to develop physically, spiritually, educationally and cognitively. My good health, hygiene and personal sanitation have also improved tremendously.

Further, I am capable to lead my friends in singing and dancing, action songs & reading books. I am so thankful to Child Development project staff those who visit my house and counsel my parents. They also encouraged my father to join in a vocational training course to learn tailoring and I am happy that my father obeyed their counseling and now he is a good tailor and earning a steady income to support my family. My future plan is to become a teacher and to improve in study. Once again I thank AIMJ for enabling me to stand in my own leg.’